The Pearl River Project

Building 205

Manufacturing, Lab and Office Space

Originally named the “Infectious Disease R&D Building”, Building 205 was designed to accommodate a variety of biological and chemistry laboratories focused on discovery of pharmaceutical compounds targeting infectious diseases. Upon completion of the building, Level 4 contained chemistry laboratories, Level 3 was left as an unfinished shell space, Level 2 contained biological laboratory. Level 3 was subsequently completed to support Drug Safety Metabolism R&D and Level 4 was subsequently renovated to support High Throughput Screening.  In 2003, Wyeth eliminated the Infectious Disease Therapeutic Area from R&D. Level 2 was renovated to accommodate Vaccines R&D laboratories moved from Rochester, NY. Selected laboratories on Levels 2 and 3 were renovated to accommodate analytical chemistry including robotics.  As a result of the Pfizer acquisition in 2010, all of the Level 4 laboratories were fitted-out for Biotechnology R&D Pharmaceutical Sciences, Level 3 North was renovated to accommodate high throughput clinical studies with robotics for Vaccines R&D, and Level 3 South was left vacant. Level 2 continues to house Vaccines R&D.

Total square footage: 125,652

Available square footage: 125,652

Leasing Contacts:

John Cunningham
Executive Vice President | JLL

Onno Steger
Director of Real Estate | IRG

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