The Pearl River Project

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Building 100

Manufacturing, Lab and Office Space

100 Complex, the largest building on the Pearl River Campus, houses the main consumer manufacturing and packaging activities on campus, focused on the production and distribution of the Centrum line of vitamins. The first floor of Building 100 consists largely of warehouse space and inbound/outbound activities, including many receiving doors located in the rear of the building. The warehouse space is temperature and humidity controlled and is equipped to handle 1200 pallet positions. The space is SAP equipped with RF scanners.

Total square footage: 857,572

Available square footage: 857,568


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Building 140

Manufacturing, Lab and Office Space

Building 140 serves as the main entrance to the campus, housing a reception area on the second floor containing a polished granite floor and wood paneling throughout. The lobby is separated from the rest of the building by a large glass wall, outfitted with automatic glass doors. The first floor, which is below grade on the east side, contains medical and various other office space. There is also a bank located on the first floor whose steel walk-in vault is located on the second. The third and fourth floors contain a mix of private office spaces and work stations.

Total square footage: 105,806

Available square footage: 105, 804


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Building 215

Manufacturing, Lab and Office Space

The first floor of Building 215 hosts “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) Manufacturing operations. GMP Manufacturing operations involve extensive record keeping and diligence procedures to ensure product quality. The majority of the second floor is taken up by mechanical support systems and infrastructure for the manufacturing operations on the first and third floors. The balance of the second floor space is occupied by offices. Further manufacturing space is located on the third floor.

Total square footage: 82,795

Available square footage: 82,596


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